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Top 5 Best AI Professional Headshot Generators for LinkedIn

Discover the top 5 AI headshot generators, including, for creating professional LinkedIn profile photos.

Rahul Sen GuptaBy Rahul Sen GuptaPosted January 15, 2024

Top 5 Best AI Professional Headshot Generators for LinkedIn

The new age of AI Professional Headshot is here!

Your LinkedIn profile is often the first peek a hiring managers or recruiters has of you. Having a eye-catching, professional headshot on your profile can get you the best opportunites. But getting high-quality headshots can really cost you time and money. This is where AI-powered headshot generators come in to help.

AI headshot generators uses artificial intelligence to instantly create realistic and engaging headshots just by uploading your photos. The best platforms, offer many customization options to get that perfect LinkedIn look.

Let's compare the top 5 AI headshot generators to help you find the right pick for your needs!

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Why You Need a Professional Headshot for LinkedIn

Your headshot is prime real estate on your LinkedIn profile. A clean, high-quality headshot makes you look stand out and be credible. It also helps you catch everyone's eyes when networking, applying for jobs, or promoting your brand.

An AI headshot generator can turn any of your photos to a professional portrait best for LinkedIn in minutes. Here are some key benefits:

Convenient: Get a headshot instantly without booking a photoshoot.

Affordable: AI generators are much cheaper than hiring a professional photographer.

Customizable: Modify images to suit your preferences.

Perfect for LinkedIn: Cropped headshots on a white background look great for potential employers.

Faster Recruitment: Profiles with headshots get up to 21x more profile views.

Now let's look at the top AI professional headshot generators for that picture perfect LinkedIn photo.

1. - Best Overall AI Headshot Generator is our top choice for AI-generated headshots. It uses advanced deep learning algorithms to remove background, adjust lighting, and apply professional retouching. The results look fresh, organic, and perfected for LinkedIn. an assortment of styles and filters to choose from.

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Why Choose Snapwiz?

Snapwiz makes the process incredibly simple. Just upload a selfie and let the AI do its magic! It's perfect for when you need a professional headshot in moments.

There are multiple templates to choose your next LinkedIn, including headshot crops and white backgrounds. You can easily adjust brightness, smoothness, contrast etc.

Paid plans start at only $14.99 for casual and beginner use. You'll get high-quality AI professional headshots in every click.

Snapwiz hits the sweet spot between ease of use, quality output, and value for money. It's our top recommendation for AI professional headshot.

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Key Features:

- Upload any photo for AI processing. Even low-quality shots can be enhanced to ai professional headshot

- Choose from multiple templates catered to not just LinkedIn but also some fun and trendy designs.

- Adjust brightness, smoothness, contrast etc. with over 50 styles to choose from. (and growing!)

- Apply background blur or remove background completely.

- Quick delivery, usually under 40 minutes.


Intuitive editing features and templates for LinkedIn optimization

Very fast turnaround time

Affordable pricing tiers

Simple user experience

Snapwiz makes professional AI headshots accessible and convenient for anyone. It's the ideal option for new LinkedIn users looking to take profile up a notch.

2. Aragon AI

A pioneer in making everyday snapshots into professional AI headshots. Aragon is VC funded and has one of the most active support, privacy, and compliance systems in the field. The use of advanced AI in Aragon allows to retouch portraits with photorealistic enhancements. The results look great yet completely natural.

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Key Features:

- easy background omition and image enhancement.

- Adjust lighting, retouch skin, increase resolution.

- Improves eyes, teeth, and facial features.

- Bulk processing.

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A 30 day money back guarantee.

Fast Turnaround time (60min).

Easy to use interface.


comparatively more expensive

requires at least 12 photos for generating AI headshots

3. Headshot Pro

HeadshotPro stands out because of its feature of having team capability. Users can let colleagues use their plans, creating an opportunity to maintain a consistent visual brand identity across all around. The AI generates over 120 professional headshots per individual, each crafted to perfection with great attention to detail to color, focus, and lighting.

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Key Features:

- Detailed team headshot ability.

- generates 120+ AI professional headshot per user.

- top-notch photo optimization techniques.

- Vast personalization with backgrounds and clothing options.

- makes sure user ownership and provides deletion options.

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Quality 4k resolution.

Discounts for larger teams.

Photos auto-deleted after 7 days.


Little customization options compared to the others,

not suitable for all purposes

4. Secta

Secta Labs can transform up to 25 of your ordinary photos into hundreds of high-quality headshots with a professional appearance in a brief period. You will receive a mix of professional and casual headshots in various styles, including indoor, outdoor, and color splash. Anticipate receiving between 20 to 150 images that you can use.

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Key Features:

- Remix mode enables easy customization

- Try out different poses, clothe, and backgrounds

- Recolor images functionality

- Offers realistic portraits

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Two complimentary redo opportunities in case of dissatisfaction.
A centralized dashboard for managing assets.
Access to a private gallery.


Uniform pose across all headshots.
- Necessitates 25 ordinary photos for headshot creation.

‍All headshots have the same pose.

Requires 25 regular photos to generate headshots​.

5. The Multiverse AI

The Multiverse AI platform uses the best AI-driven headshot creation tool, known for its accuracy in producing realistic portraits. This advanced system perfectly fine-tunes aspects like ambient lighting, skin details, and facial attributes such as hair, eyes, and teeth, to achieve incredible quality.

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Key Features:

- One-Time Fee

- 100 Custom Headshots

- Offers realistic portraits

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Highly precise background removal.
Neat and professional-looking outcomes.
Cost-effective subscription rates.


Restricted influence on the final touches.

Minimal customization choices apart from isolation.

How To Stand Out Professionally

First impressions matter, especially online. In the digital age, your digital face is your calling card, and a professional headshot is its centerpiece. But what if traditional photo shoots don't fit your budget or schedule? Enter the realm of AI headshots, a groundbreaking way to create stunning, professional portraits with just a few clicks.

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Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile with an AI Headshot

A polished headshot can increases your credibility and first impression on LinkedIn. AI-powered generators like Snapwiz provide a quick, affordable way to create great looking portraits perfect for LinkedIn.

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With the ability to upload any photo and customize the editing, you can refine your profile headshot in minutes. We highly recommend Snapwiz for its combination of ease of use, quality results, and LinkedIn-specific templates.

Visit today to effortlessly create your professional AI headshot and take your LinkedIn to the next level!